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Achieve clean and clear gutters with our ground based powerful high reach cleaning vac system.

Gutter Cleaning

Rainwater guttering systems are designed to carry rainfall away from the property. This helps prevent and protect the bricks mortar and eaves as well as the foundations from water damage.

If not cleaned annually gutters will block and this will cause them to overflow and inevitably result in expensive repairs.

The property owner may not even be aware as the overflow may come over the back of the gutter running into the eaves and down the wall and over time this may cause:

  • mould and damp inside and outside the property
  • plaster and render may come away from the walls
  • rubber seals break down and leak
  • Eaves rot and deteriorate over time
  • full gutters can come away from the walls due to the weight 

We use the latest technology, a ground based powerful high reach gutter cleaning vac system, which is specifically designed to reach up into your gutters and suck out all the rubbish and growth, clearing blockages with ease and and leaving your gutters clean.

We clean from the ground and therefore your property’s safety is maintained as we do not use ladders and can reach up to five stories. We remove all gutter rubbish and waste from your premises. We take before and after photos so you can see the the cleaned gutters.

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Gutter cleaning Vac System in operation cleaning a gutter

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Client Testimonials

"I commissioned CleanPoint Solutions to clean the internal & external gutters of our factory unit. I was very impressed by their professionalism, the quality of their work, their efficiency and attention to detail.

I cannot recommend CleanPoint Solutions highly enough."

Mark McKeever, Drenagh Sawmills Ltd

Client Testimonials

"CleanPoint Solutions carried out work for me recently which included gutter, facia & soffit cleaning plus cleaning windows & frames and power washing a driveway & yard.

Their work was first class and it was carried out with minimum fuss, quickly & efficiently, thoroughly & mess free.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone requiring any type of exterior cleaning work."

Sean Quinn, Limavady Glass

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